Thursday, January 23, 2014

:: How Pink ::

When Pantone announced late last year that the color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid I had to chuckle because a similar color was all the rage back in 2002. Why would I remember you might ask? I still own an orchid pink coat from back then that I still love. Now only I wish it was of a bit different construction, on a looser side a la this or this one , but I still happy to have it in my wardrobe.

When it comes to pink knits I must say that one must choose to tread lightly on the subject - some absolutely hate it, some love it. But to me, it is the right hue of the pink color that can tilt that pink sweater into baby territory or come out an absolute winner for your outfit. I personally think that the pinks being on the cooler side are certainly a better choice. It is not too orchid either. Not to mention proper styling that actually goes a long long way and inspires. It makes us want to dare wearing pink! I have collected some fun street style spotting of pink sweaters in the wild and most fun cuts and pairing.

And just recently the ongoing collections for Pre-Fall 2014 have showed quite an amount of pink as well.

So what do you think? Is it fleeting or a growing trend? Would you need a pink sweater (or maybe even a coat) for your wardrobe?


  1. I like pink, although it is not a color I wear often. I prefer a soft warm pink. The photos are good examples. For me the jury is out on radiant orchid, but would be nice as an accent color.

  2. hi, I have all colors in my wardrobe and choose the color which suits my mood and not what fashion dictates... when I buy yarn, I always buy what jumps into my eye without any back-thoughts what is running on the catwalks.. but pink is a nice, a very nice color and it suits most people..
    Have a great day, ciao ciao Christa

  3. I happen to love pink! I can even pull off baby pink, but I absolutely agree - it is all about styling. Radiant orchid is a lovely color, but I don't think it will stay for too long... PS. I have a post on all my knitted pinks:

  4. This looks good! love the knitwear!


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