Saturday, February 02, 2013

:: Carl Bengtsson ::

I have discovered this amazing style of photography which I really really liked. I am not really sure how this effect is reached, it is probably a way of processing the images. But it feels very different (to me), very sharp and crisp detailed texture, which makes many colors just pop!

Carl Bengtsson is the author of these wonderful images.
I especially admired this knitwear oriented (of course!) photoshoot for Madame Figaro magazine.


  1. Fantastic styling and staging. Looks like HDR (high dynamic range) photography to me [link goes to google images, by the way].

  2. I agree.
    Love the photography and love the sweaters!

  3. I super love the third sweater and the dark grey one. Really beautiful knitwear

  4. Yeah, it looks like an HDR-inspired filter. You can get this type of effect fairly easily with Photoshop or even LR. There are tons of filters online creating a similar effect. But of course these photos also have studio lighting a gorgeous model and beautiful clothes.


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