Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kitty Pi and catnip toys

Here are the pictures of an adorable kitty, who got these presents from me, ahhh, he is so adorable, want to squeeze this cuteness non-stop! He is living in MN, so this Kitty Pi is keeping him warm and one of the toys that you see I made from S'N'B Nation pattern book. Overall, I used 3 skeins for the bed: one skein of Grignasco Twister, I had it still from Italy, and 2 skeins of different shade Lopi =)
Which felted pretty nice, I did it twice in my washing machine on a hot cycle and voila, Lopi fuzzed up a bit, but after little shaving tricks you could see nice and even texture of the fabric! Next BIG PROJECT! Get ourselves a cat, because otherwise my husband would kidnap this cutie =)


  1. that kitty looks like he had a long night! look at him! conked out, so cute!

  2. Isn't he adorable, it's a hard cat's life to play with toys all day long and run around the house!


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